At Solar, we recognise our people as a long-term competitive edge. We encourage to build an entrepreneurial culture, enabling our employees to think beyond the set targets. Solar Industries has always lived by its people philosophy, which centres around talent acquisition, training and development, leadership development, maintaining healthy employee relations, emphasis on compliances and on productivity improvement. To achieve these goals, the Company regularly undertakes training and development programmes, engages employees in various activities and encourages talent through mentoring and entrusting them with responsible positions.

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User reviews
I just spent 10 minutes doing nothing but leveling everything in my office.
Works great, looks amazing. Top notch. Hopefully more devs will catch your spirit of polish.
Fantastic UI. Finally one person knows how to design a good app on Android.
Could not ask for more. Brilliant bit of lit, especially the lock facility.
Excellent. Nice to get an app which does exactly what it says.
Ultra Slick App. This is the most polished of all the level apps out there!!!
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