When sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for your business, then you can create massive change

It is believed that a company can consolidate its growth only if it follows a sustainable approach. At Solar, we strive to keep all our activities and actions focussed on sustainable development, aimed at enabling social, economic and environmental progress, specifically for the communities around which we operate and generally for the nation at large.

Sustainability Initiatives

We have in place clearly defined sustainability values that reflect ownership as well as actionability of our initiatives. This approach not only helps us to work in an effective manner but also instils in our employees the idea of teamwork.

Our environmental policy not only respects the environment, but also aims to conserve it. In line with this policy, we undertake various initiatives, on a regular basis, to minimise pollution, control waste and conserve the natural resources.


We contributed towards construction and repair of school infrastructure in several locations within our plant vicinity.

Healthcare & Hygiene

We made special efforts towards constructing and renovation of rehabilitation centres and hospitals. In addition, we also made contributions towards providing ambulances and mobile medical van, wheel chairs and conducted free medical camps for people located near our plant locations.


We continued to make positive strides to maintain a positive ecological balance by planting trees and contributing to NGOs who are actively involved in environment conservation.

Rural Development

To drive inclusive community development in rural areas, we participated in several Programmes related to preventive healthcare and general awareness for rural and tribal people.

Sourcing Responsibly

We strongly believe that leading companies must be active members of the societies to which they belong. In line with this philosophy, we follow a sustainable sourcing model that ensures better and more effective energy management. Our environmental management system is covered by ISO 14001, enabling us to efficaciously manage the complete range of our business activities – from manufacturing and storage to the use of explosives & chemicals.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Led by a strong focus on holistic development, we are proactively contributing to the social and economic development of the communities living in the regions of our business operations. Our CSR policy is focussed on uplifting of the underprivileged on the key indices of development.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policies

CSR Report 2015-16

CSR Report 2016-17

CSR Report 2017-18

CSR Report 2018-19

CSR Report 2019-20

CSR Report 2020-21

CSR Report 2021-22

CSR Report 2022-23

Sustainability Policies

We have a comprehensive policy framework to drive our sustainability agenda, in line with our mission. Our Sustainability Policies are crafted to address the needs of the entire gamut of our business needs, and include:

Policy on Anti Bribery

Policy on Lifecycle Sustainability

Policy on Product Responsibility

Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility

Policy on Employee Well-Being

Policy on Human Rights

Policy on Environment, Health and Safety

Customer Satisfaction Survey and Monitoring Policy

Policy on Stakeholder's Engagement


Business Responsibility Manual

Policy on Responsible Advocacy

Sustainability Report

Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report FY 2022-23

Business Responsibility Report FY 2021-22

Business Responsibility Report FY 2020-21

Business Responsibility Report FY 2019-20

Business Responsibility Report FY 2018-19

Business Responsibility Report FY 2017-18

Business Responsibility Report FY 2016-17

Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement FY 31st March 2018

Environment Monitoring Report March 2019

Environment Monitoring Report June 2019

EC Compliance April-Sept 19- Solar industries India Limited

EC Solar Letter

ESG Report

ESG Focus 2022-23

ESG Focus 2021-22

ESG Focus 2020-21

Environmental Compliance

Six monthly EC compliance Report

EC Letter to Local Panchayat

Environmental Clearance Solar Industries

Form V 2022-23

Environmental Monitoring Report

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